Intruder Alarms


 "Hard wired home burglar alarm"

"Hardwire bells only home security
system is considered to be a lasting
system and with no monthly fees"

Optional Monitoring Upgrade


A hardwire home security system is considered to be the longer lasting system.
Because the sensors are hard wired to the main control box, there is much less chance of system failure.

Most systems work on battery backup so that in the event of a power outage, the system will continue to function within the home.
In addition, a hard wire home security system can be expanded by adding additional sensor boxes, fire or carbon monoxide alarms, or even a new control panel.

Motion sensors Detects intruder movement inside the property.
Door contact Detects and alerts you when the front door is opened.
LCD keypad Allow to arm and disarm your system with ease. Provides dual functionality of PIN Number and Key fob activation and seperte codes for additional users.
Load external sounder Visual audible deterrent to protect the property from intruders located externally on the front and back of your property.
12 zones control panel State of the art control panel usually located out of sight.
ADSL filter Allow to use the same telephone line for your alarm system as well as internet and other services.
Back up battery and fused spur Protect the alarm against mains power failure with a powerful battery back-up that keeps your system running.
Internal sounder Provides internal loud audible deterrent to des-orientate an intruder from the property.
ARC 24 hour support Access to the Alarm Receiving Centre for the support of your system at anytime.

Additional sensors can be added to this package as required at a cost of £60 + VAT each

Bells only burglar alarm system is the perfect solution if you donít want it to be monitored for a police response. There is no on-going monitoring charge making it a cost effective solution to protect your home.


Optional Extras:

Option 1
Annual maintenance for††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††
Just the cost of £99 + VAT

Option 2
Upgrade your burglar alarm system to be monitored as follow:
Monitoring contract term of 24 months Packages 1 or 2

Package 1 Alarm monitoring Key holders response† £20 + VAT per month + Annual maintenance (optional)

Package 2 Alarm monitoring Key holders & Police response £25 + VAT per month + Annual maintenance (mandatory)

††††  £47.59 one payment fee for police registration is required for a police response.