Intruder Alarms


Donít be another victim of crime... Burglary is on the rise.

(and if you've already been burgled, prevent it from happening again!)

In the last five years, research shows that in the UK burglaries account for over 12% of all crimes i.e one in ten houses are broken in by burglars, figures rise to 13% in London and surrounding counties. To protect what you value most, Smartec Systems has the latest state of the art burglar alarms security systems which will give you peace of mind at affordable prices. Everyone needs a home security system such as a burglar alarm system installed in their homes. Those that have not yet installed one are just playing the waiting game - counting down the weeks or even days until they are unfortunate victims of crime.

Burglaries are extremely unpleasant and no-one wants to be subject to one. Your whole life is turned upside down within minutes.

At Smartec Systems the protection of your family and home is extremely important to us, so to make premium security accessible and affordable to everybody we have created the following special offer packages: